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Wisdom and age go hand in hand, and with Dr. Kairo no exception has been made. Although physically youthful, The Good Doctor's soul has been traveling this terrestrial sphere for eons. Born this time around as an Indigo Child, Dr. Kairo was an exceptional boy and at an early age was aware of “the gifts”. His possession of certain abilities at such a young age had not been seen before and surprisingly puzzled his family and acquaintances. With his transcending expression and unique insight, The Good Doctor was knowingly different from those around him. As such he spent much of his childhood in self constructed isolation developing his dynamism. While always being connected with occult thought, it was at the age of sixteen when he was to learn “the great tradition” by way of his most-glamorous aunt The Great Madame Yolanda.

Palm Reading, Tarot, Tea Cup Leaf Reading, and Handwriting Analysis are among Dr. Kairo’s finer disciplines of divination. Dr. Kairo also incorporates Numerology and Astrology, including, Western, Vedic, and Chinese. As a life long scholar of esoteric knowledge Dr. Kairo continually studies divinatory arts from different cultures and different time periods. This well rounded diversely cultured pursuit enables The Good Doctor to work in-depth with people from all walks of life.

With a fresh face and mysterious allure Dr. Kairo exploded into the field with a signature style that displays an artistic intensity that has never been experienced before. Quickly catapulting to the # 1 Psychic Fortune Teller in Las Vegas he works with every major talent agency in the magically charming oasis. You can also find Dr. Kairo working with several entertainment firms through out California as well as the captivating cities of New Orleans and Chicago. He has become an extremely trusted asset to those who employ his services. Known for his visual profusion, Dr. Kairo’s look is surly entertaining on its own but for entertainment companies, Dr. Kairo always delivers impeccable quality in his readings of Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology, and Astrology. Patrons are always left astounded and inspired by just a taste of his remarkable translations.

Dr. Kairo’s personal and confidential list of clients include celebrities, politicians, healthcare professionals, businesspersons, and even vacationing royalty. With such an interesting high profile list The Good Doctor nonetheless enjoys reading individuals from all backgrounds and varied ways of life. Occasionally Dr. Kairo also donates his time to local charities. The Good Doctor is often quoted as saying “Insight is needed by all people, at all times, in all places” which answers the questions who, when and where. While the question to what may be known with a private in-depth and detailed in-home reading with Dr. Kairo.

For entertainment and more considerable purposes:

-Palm Reading, Palmistry, Chiromancy
-Tarot, Cartomancy
-Tea Cup Leaf Readings, Tasseomancy
-Numerology, Numeromancy
-Astrology, Astromancy
-Hand Writing Analysis, Graphology, Graptomancy

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